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Regular exercise can build a strong heart, lungs, and musculature. However, it can also lead to overuse injuries, muscle strains (particularly among weekend warriors or when people over train), and posture problems specific to the type of sport an athlete plays.

For example, baseball catchers stay in a squatting position throughout the game, stressing their knees and lower backs. A game like tennis, however, puts more stress on the side of the body that holds the racquet. This can strain the spine and lead to misalignments and discomfort that can be corrected through chiropractic care. The bent position and twisting range of motion required for an effective golf swing is a common cause of back pain. Golf has grown in popularity with both younger players and aging baby boomers looking for a sport they believe requires less strenuous activity.

The trick to curing fitness injuries quickly is to seek help as soon as your back begins to hurt. Pushing yourself to keep playing week after week can lead to permanent damage. By diagnosing and treating the portion of your swing that is causing the pain, chiropractors can help get you back in the game and prevent further injury.

Chiropractic care can help relieve muscle and skeletal problems that develop during exercise and, if used as a preventative measure before problems develop, chiropractic care can keep athletes in peak condition. In addition to musculoskeletal care, chiropractors are trained and licensed to treat the entire person and can provide athletes of all ages and fitness levels with advice on posture, sports training, nutrition, and injury prevention.