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Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are well known for causing the neck injury commonly called "whiplash." The force of the impact during a car collision can also cause other neural, muscular, and/or skeletal problems as well. Even when people are lucky enough to "walk away" from an accident, they may suffer painful musculoskeletal damage. Often, these injuries are not felt until hours or days later.

The American Chiropractic Organization has established a post-graduate chiropractic subspecialty certification called CCST (Certified Chiropractor in Spinal Trauma). Directors of Chiropractic medicine earn this certification by completing additional training. Once trained, they are capable of diagnosing and treating the types of musculoskeletal injuries and spinal damages that occur with various types of trauma, including car accidents.

Chiropractors who have earned the CCST degree are also capable of serving as expert witnesses in automotive injury lawsuits. Dr. DiDiano of Chiropractic Specialists of Pittsburgh has earned this distinction, and is a recognized authority in the field of spine trauma, and has served as expert witnesses during trials and other legal proceedings related to motor vehicle accidents.

Click here to print out your auto accident paperwork and here as well if you're a new patient.